Alveron – Withering Roots EN


Every Story needs an Ending…

Well, but what if I don’t like the Ending?

Don’t deprive a Story of it’s Ending



The World’s Tree – It balances everything in this world! It’s roots range over million worlds. In one of this worlds you can find the kingdom of Lyhjem, where the Alveri live in harmony with nature and magic

Everything starts when the energy flow is interrupted and Valec, who lives in the human world, finds himself stuck in the magic kingdom of Lyhjem, the Alveri’s residence. There, our heroe makes the aquaintance of Alynna and Rina, who are on a spiriual journey called „Dictum-Pilgrimage“. This is a kind of ritual, destined to assure the balanced energy flow between the worlds. Under the pretext that he wants to see everything of this world, Valec joins Rina and Alynna on their pilgrimage, only to see that even this world isn’t that untroubled and idyllic as it seems. Due to the interrupted energy flow between the worlds the World’s tree begins to fade away. Alynna tries her atmost to stop this, being supported from Rina as her Guardian and Valec, whose ambition is to protect his new beloved homeland.




„Damn! What’s on earth is eating you?!“

Valec is a you student from the human world. One day he finds himself stuck in the kingdom of Lyhjem. Although he was very confused and unable to cope with the new situation, he gets used to it and the fact that he was snapped out of his normal life, which has already bored him for a while. Alynna and Rina invite him to join them on their „Dictum-Pilgrimage“, a religious ritual. During this journey he gets to know this world better and better.





„I am dying to go on this pilgrimage! Let’s go!“

Rina is Alynna’s Guardian and follows her at every turn. She instantly takes a shine to Valec and wants to get to know him better while she has a sisterly relationship to Alynna. Rina often misses the necessary seriousness and overdoes it. On the other hand, she always wants to know her friends safe and sound and does everything to ensure her friends‘ safety. Rina grew up in Gliori, where she was raised by her grandfather, because her parents died before Gliore was built.




„There can’t be life without the World’s Tree. Whe have to focus on our mission at any cost!“

Alynna is a young priestess who devotes herself for the World Tree’s sake after her parents were killed by assassins, because her brother also was a priest of the World Tree. She’s a very scrupulous and refined person. Alynna often has to remind Valec and Rina of their mission, what means that she, among other things, doesn’t accept detours. Despite her pilgrimage is dangerous she likes travelling around with her friends.