Dark Spirits EN

“Mama… please… don’t cry…”

Dark Spirits will be a Horror-Game with School-Setting.
It will be available for RPG MAKER MV



3 months ago, Sunako Hiiragi, one of your fellow classmates, died.
Her dead begs some questions, but there’s actually nobody to answer them.
Nobody knows what happened to Sunako and who was responsible for her premature death.
However, there is much to be said for murder.

Just before holidays, the school changes and you find yourself stuck in a strange dimension,
which is very similar to the world you know.
However, you don’t have much time to adapt to this new world because you have to make
the experience that this world claims more and more victims.
In addition to this, it seems that Sunako has returned and has her own strange agenda.


Mitsuha/Natsuo Kamijou

You can choose if you want to play as a boy or a girl.
Your choice will not influence the story!

Mitsua/Natsuo is a 17 year old girl/boy, cosplayer
He/she likes reading Mangas

Her/His favourite subject is history.



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