Developer Diary – “Alveron – WitheringRoots” – January 2020


Hey there everyhog,

I try to use this new updateformat to increase the homepage’s activity. This is a monthly report and I really try to keep it short and clear. No one wants to read a wall of text!

By the way: Every point on this list is from the whole team and not just by me.

Game world:

  • “Ascent’s temple” finished
  • “Ruindungeon” finished
  • Push and pull mechanics are customized for a dungeon
  • Made a new artwork
  • Alynnas Face changed (eyes)
  • Start working on a new tileset for the upper Lyhjem
  • A new tree sprite was made and built in
  • Savecrystals are no longer from the RTP
  • Thoughts about the worldmap’s wateranimation


We decided to build a new battle system. So not everything “new” is really new for you.

  • Battle system: New default attack
  • Battle system: New actionmenu
  • Battle system: New hud
  • Battle system: New target menu
  • Battle system: New EXP distribution (The number of EXP depends of the actions of every battler)
  • Battle system: battle mechanics planned
  • Main menu: little design changes planned


  • Collision fixes on any maps

If you have feedback or just want to talk you can contact us on Twitter or Discord !

Best regards,