Developer Diary – “Alveron – WitheringRoots” – February 2020

Hey there everyhog,

looks like february is done and we reached a new month! Time to sum up the events from last month.

Game world:
In February we focused on the story. These updates are without spoilers.

  • A town called “Nirgan” was remade and built in. So far you can only see it in flashbacks.
  • A town called “Xianyo” was built in!
  • The backstory of Rhuka and Alynna was in focus.
  • February was the month of relationships. The party seperates a few times to give all characters new interactions with each other.
  • A new area with a lot of exploration waits for you.
  • There will be a festival. You’ll see…


The battlesystem is still under construction. We agree on most of the features and are now trying to implement them to the best of our knowledge. Everything you see here (skillnames, skillcosts, sprites in the back) is still work in progress.

  • Dynamic changes of skillboxes in width and height without scaling.
  • There will be four more systems in the game. One of them will be a pick lock system. The other systems are a secret 😉 Wait for it!. The battlesystem has the highest priority.


  • No bugs – no fixes!


If you join our discord server you can talk to our game characters and to us of course. If you won’t miss any update feel free to join us. The link is down below.

Looks like this update isn’t so big. Believe me. There’s a lot of work in there.

If you have feedback or just want to talk you can contact us on Twitter or Discord !

Best regards,