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Josh is an ordinary boy, whose family is slowly breaking apart. He loves to escape into books and videogames and one day he finds a game in an old store that no one seems to know. The game’s world is swallowed by a mysterious darkness since two decades. A boy awakes among some travelers. He can’t remember his past and tries to find his place in this strange world.

Ink Travellers
Once upon a time there were two brothers. Their grandfather was ill and his birthday wasn’t far away. So the boys decided to make him happy and find him a nice present. They gain a key, which has the power to open a path into every book and they decide to search for a present in there.

A Ghost’s Lullaby
Sean has a crush on a girl in his class. This Sunday will be Valentines day. But Sean forgot his present at school. To save the day he sneaks into the school building. But soon he feels a strange presence and remembers all the school mysteries.