Developer Diary – “Alveron – WitheringRoots” – March 2020

Hey there,

March is running away! A lot of things changed and it’s time to sum up what happened.

Game world:

  • Two new main dungeons added to the game.
  • Bound in a village called “Nirgan”
  • We edited all prices in the game and reduced them. Normally jrpgs have high prices like 300 gold for a Potion. Now you can buy a painkiller for 2 Myngar instead of 200.
  • Valecs mind was the focus of development
  • The relationships between our heroes are growing. Characters got more screentime because we split up the group.


Battlesystem… again! And 2 more systems were planned

  • Menu controls works fine now.
  • Only commands which you can use are listed. (Attack, Defend and Inventory are fix commands)



  • Skillwindows and Itemwindows will show up more dynamic!









  • All hero skills have been revised for new battle rules. If you use Attack or defend you generate focus points which you can invest to use your weapon skills or to boost your spells (maximum 3 times).
  • Battles are working again! But without any animations.


I was asked to say a few words about the gameplay of the game. Basically, you could classify the game as JRPG and therefore has a similar game behavior.


The combat system is a conditional turn-based combat system (CTB). A special feature of this form of combat system is that the order of moves can vary during the fight. The move order is shown on the right side of the screen, which means that the player can ideally adjust to various mechanics of the opponents.
In the course of the game you will encounter opponents that you cannot defeat with default attacks, which means that here and there you are forced to find another strategy. An example of this are opponents who can use “take off” and are therefore out of range for melee attacks. To give another example, there are opponents hiding behind other opponents, so you have to fight the “front line” first.


Jump Points

To explore a map you can use jump points. They appear as soon as you approach a certain distance.
Be careful there are jump points which you can’t use immediately. You have to rank up your bounce.

Use items on the field

It happens from time to time that you come to a place and Valec reacts with a speech bubble over his head filled with a question mark. If so, it should stay in the player’s mind, because during the game you get an object that you can use in such a place. In our example, you can place a bomb and use it to expose buried cave entrances.


You have wolf skins left and wonder if you can do more with them than just sell them? Then it could be worthwhile to visit the market. There are dealers who can certainly use wolf skins and they’ll give you some other items for it.

Push and pull

Pushing and pulling is used in some dungeons and caves. I don’t need to say much about that, I think. You can grab a block and push or pull it.


In particularly dark caves or other areas, the view is restricted using a circle of sight. However, the more you improve the cateyes ability, the larger this circle becomes and the more of the surroundings you can see.

Pick locks

There is no more satisfying feeling than opening a chest and enjoying a treasure. Unfortunately, some chests are locked and you have to open them with a lock pick. To do this, you have to press the direction buttons in the specified order within a certain time. The harder it is to break a lock, the more buttons you have to press. But don’t worry, if you improve the “pick lock” skill, you will have more time to break the lock.

Find secret passages

Secret passages are a possible hiding place of treasures. You should take these with you whenever you can. The better you are at finding secret passages, the sooner you can recognize them. To open a secret passage you have to interact with it once. There are 3 levels of secret passages. The harder it is to discover a secret passage, the better you have to be in “finding secret passages” so that it is visually displayed.


Rina is a gifted cook and loves to try new recipes. You can find recipes and ingredients all around in Lyhjem. As soon as you have a recipe and the necessary ingredients, you can prepare this dish in the kitchen of your home or in the cooking school. The dishes are bufffood. It increases your status values ​​and / or resistances for a certain number of fights.

Treasure hunter

The treasure hunter is a skill that allows you to find objects in the area. Depending on the level of your “treasure hunter” skill, you can find more and rarer items.

Improve Skills

Many games have skill trees, or a skill point system. We decided on a “learning-by-doing” system. The more you use skills, the better they become. You want to be better as a treasure hunter? Well, then go and hunt treasures! Your bounce should increase? Then jump around. We did the same thing with magic. If you use a spell, you gain exp for it. As soon as you have reached (for example) 100exp, the skill levels up and you can now invest a focus point in the spell to strengthen it. If you then level the magic further, you can upgrade it with 2 focus points, etc. We want to avoid having to repeatedly go to various skill menus during the game, which we often find disruptive to the flow of the game.

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